4 Effective Ways to Utilize Business Financing

4 Effective Ways to Utilize Business Financing

  • January 14, 2020
  • By REIL Capital Admin

At REIL Capital, we often see small businesses apply for loans or funding to grow their business. But often they don’t know the key things to nail down first and end up misusing their influx of cash. If you know how to put that money to work. Then, you can facilitate growth and expansion while timely repaying your loan. Below we have 4 ways that can help you move the needle and utilize your business financing.

Purchasing Equipment

The wisest thing a business can do is to cover all of the large purchases that can promptly generate revenue. Along with, what’s larger than the machinery involved in a business? You can either buy the existing machinery to increase your business’s current capability, or you can invest in improved efficiency by upgrading your existing machinery.

Logistics and transportation businesses often can buy new and more efficient vehicle models to replace the old ones or expand their fleet for business growth. It is because purchasing equipment brings a number of benefits. Including reduced maintenance and upkeep costs, an effective and more efficient machine, and quick business growth. Perhaps, your business just needs an equipment upgrade and nothing else, then you can also go for equipment financing.

Purchasing Inventory

Another heavy-hitting purchase is inventory, on which an average business spends 25% to 35% of its operating budget every year. With such a large chunk spent on inventory, businesses can save their operational budget and utilize business financing to purchase adequate inventory.

Business financing can provide essential cash flow to replenish existing stock. So, you can buy the new inventory to expand the appeal and reach of your product range. This can hopefully lead to more happy customers and more revenue. The best business type that can leverage this financing is retail stores.


One of the best bets to succeed in any industry is to invest wisely and as much as possible in marketing. With the introduction of digital marketing, businesses have a broad space to market their products and reach a wider audience. Reach as many potential customers as you can to keep your growth wheels rolling.

Businesses that are not online can leverage local search engine optimization (SEO) to rank at the top of online local listing websites. You can invest in billboards or launch ad campaigns or do anything to reach your target audience leveraging the cash from business financing and get a quick ROI.

Managing Debts

SBA loans hold support from the government which allows both banking and non-banking finance companies to offer business financing at lower interest rates. You can leverage SBA loans to pay off any current debts that your business is struggling to pay off. By utilizing financing for the current debts you have, you can refinance this. Also, you can repay similar debts at a lower interest rate over the long term.

A helpful tip for debt management: keep the current repayment plan in mind and add it to the current monthly business budget. Keeping a pulse on your business debts and credit score keeps you eligible for future business financing.

Final Word

Any type of business financing cannot be effectively utilized without a strategic, targeted plan. So, these ways can help you devise a powerful plan for your business and get the best out of business financing. REIL Capital works with clients in all different situations to find the best fit for their business. If you’d like to learn more, contact REIL Capital today, or Apply Now!

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