7 Small Business Online Resources You Should Know About

7 Small Business Online Resources You Should Know About

  • January 13, 2020
  • By REIL Capital Admin

You had the time and the initial investment. You had the right connections and you had the right idea to start a small business. Running a small business is both an opportunity to learn and grow.

However, no matter how experienced and skilled you are. There is always a competitor with a few better solutions and ideas. You don’t need to reinvent innovative business ideas if you have the right resources for small businesses online.

Whether you want to cover the latest small business tips, tools, news, or anything else, popular online applications, websites, and podcasts can help you grasp all the fundamental information required for small business success. So here REIL Capital has our picks of the most useful blogs that small business owners can read and stay updated with the most useful tips and tools for their business, irrespective of the industry.

Succeed As Your Own Boss

Run by an internationally known keynote speaker, small biz lady, Melinda Emerson is America’s #1 small business expert with nearly 15 years of entrepreneurship experience. Her advice on running and surviving the small business market reaches over 3 million readers every week. It is through her blog- Succeed As Your Own Boss.

Small Business Bonfire

Need help with useful tools, advice, and free resources? There is no better place than one of the most popular online communities for entrepreneurs and a small business blog with 21.6K twitter followers and 10.6K Facebook page likes.


You may not know who Neil Patel is. But one simple Google search can tell you about his advanced skills in leveraging search engine rankings as well as social media platforms for businesses. Some of his most valuable information on QuickSprout contains best practices for small businesses.

Killer Startups

This blog is as cool as its name since some killer advice awaits all small business owners here. From how to build a great team to what are the best tools for a specific industry. Killer Startups has plenty of good reasons to stay in your feed reader.

Google Small Business

For those of you not leveraging the current most popular small business blog. Google Small Business is a widely read blog from the search engine giant that includes all the Google tools, small business news, and latest releases brought exclusively for small businesses.

Top 2 Small Business Podcasts

Perhaps we have come too far in technology since many people like getting advice on their headphones. So here are


Started by a former NPR employee and currently a widely known entrepreneur Alex Blumberg. The StartUp has episodes full of advice, useful tips, and most importantly small business experience.

Breaking Down Your Business

Some business owners may avoid podcasts just for being too long. So here we have 20-minute episodes of short business resources mostly centered around, useful tools, small business advice, and 5 Things to Learn.

Final Word

Apart from online blogs and podcasts, small business owners can also read countless books that help you with management, business, and motivation. Still, these are just a handful of online resources that can help small businesses grow promptly with smart decisions and the latest tools.

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