Best Business Loans for Different Business Types

  • August 24, 2020
  • Written by : REIL Capital

Every business is unique and so are their needs. If you are an aspiring, creative entrepreneur, you know how the growing demands can vary business to business. Therefore, a financing option that has been appropriate for one business doesn’t necessarily have to be ideal for another. Your industry can be a big deciding factor while determining which small business loan to pick. Along with your business’s industry, you also have to keep in mind long term goals, the current financial situation of your business, and more. 

We are here to make it a bit easier for you. Let’s explore the best small business loans to pick for different types of businesses.

Food Service Business

Serving food to people is a delight rather than just a profession for most business owners from the foodservice industry. You may be running a restaurant, catering company, food truck, food joint, or anything else, additional capital can be very helpful. Here are the finance options you can pick for your foodservice business.

  • Equipment Loans- When working in the food industry, equipment plays an important role. From deep freezers to huge baking machines, everything needs to be in perfect working condition. 

  • Working Capital Loans- Apart from the expensive equipment, food service businesses need resources every day which gives a spike to the additional capital need for everyday operations.


Hotels and Hospitality

Businesses or services belonging to the hospitality industry offer some kind of leisure or customer satisfaction. Businesses such as hotels, resorts, bed & breakfast, etc. fall under the hospitality industry and they should go for these loans:

  • Construction Loans- The hospitality industry brings hefty costs of building or renovating facilities. But you can cover these through construction loans and save funds to get your business going later. 



Are you new to a business? Are you trying to establish a name in the market?  One of the primary things you need to turn a startup into success is additional capital. Here are a few loan types you can try to fund your startup venture, irrespective of the industry.

  • Business Credit Cards Credit card gives you instant access to funds that you may often need when getting started with a new business venture. 

  • Revolving Line of Credit Unlike credit cards, a revolving line of credit offers you flexibility along with the high monetary value.

  • Investment Funding- Have more than one investor ready to invest in your startup? Try investment funding, a pooled capital of more than one investor offered to businesses.



Service Industries

All the businesses without a product or one offering intangible value such as management, or customer service, or anything else belong to services industries. These types of businesses can consider the following loans: 

  • Small Business Lending- Small business lending can help businesses awaiting payments from their clients. Late client payments can generate cash flow gaps that you can easily fill with funding options such as small business lending. 


Retail Business

The most diverse industry will have you making bulk purchases from various manufacturers and selling them to consumers from different areas. You can be selling anything from clothing to furniture to electronics to anything else. 

  • Inventory Loan- If you are seeking help to buy products, here is a loan that can help you update your inventory in bulk and get a discount for bulk purchase. 

  • Business Line of Credit- Retail businesses can also get a business line of credit to enjoy the same benefits of borrowing funds with a high monetary value and flexible terms. 


Here we complete the best business loans different business types can go for. Note that these are just recommendations and you can choose any small business loan from REIL Capital as per your requirements. For more information about our products, get in touch. 

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