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Importance of Cash Flow to Your Business

Money moving or flowing in and out of your business over a certain period of time defines the cash flow of your business. Most businesses calculate the net change in their cash position for a month to determine the cash flow. Positive cash flow means the company got more cash in than it sent out […]

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Working Capital Loans vs Working Capital Advances

The confusion between these two terms is quite common among small business owners. As their names suggest, both are ways to have additional working capital for your business. But how do they differ? This blog will uncover everything you need to know about the difference between working capital loans and working capital advances.  Working Capital […]

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Step-by-Step Guide to Small Business Debt Consolidation Planning

Although small business owners have several ways for debt-consolidation, there are three primary avenues including acquiring a small business loan, acquiring a debt-consolidation loan, or simply going for commercial debt counseling. Consolidation is a great way to save your money and stop paying interest on different loans. We are here with a step by step […]

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