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Finance Leaders Encourage Post-Pandemic Support

Inflation is high and the hope of lower rates is becoming more and more far-fetched. G20 finance leaders, otherwise known as finance ministers and top central bankers of the Group of 20 industrial nations, are pushing for the word “cautious” to be added into every small business owner’s dictionary. While these leaders are trying to […]

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How to Finance Equipment for Your Small Business

Equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, yet somehow the majority of equipment needed for businesses is expensive. What does a business owner do when they are trying to increase productivity or efficiency, fix a malfunctioning machine, or better the quality of their product or services, and he or she doesn’t have the working capital […]

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Keeping your Business Profitable When The Market is Down

Business owners are getting more and more creative. We, as business owners ourselves, have to continuously find ways to stay profitable, to stay in business, and to stay in a growth phase. Much easier said than done. Most of us have turned to trading, stocks, investments, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and more, which of course are risky […]

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