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2022 Tax Season: How Will It Influence My Business?

Another year brings another year of tax filings. Have you ever stopped to really consider how your taxes, deadlines, and extensions affect your business? Taxes greatly affect your business in a number of ways including: having a direct impact on your cash flow, detracting from the bottom line of your business’s profitability, and enhancing or […]

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How to Get Financing for Construction Capital for a Small Company

Operating a construction business is expensive, and when you need working capital, it can be frustrating to not be able to easily obtain it. Financing for construction companies has always presented somewhat of a challenge for construction subcontractors. Fortunately, there are lenders like ourselves who are happy and willing to provide financing to construction business […]

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How to Get Unsecured Business Funding

Don’t let the word “unsecured” scare you off. Business owners often mistake unsecured business funding to be unreliable or lack security, transparency, or honesty because of the name. Fortunately, it is quite the opposite and has helped thousands of business owners make quick decisions, pay operating expenses, purchase equipment, and more, in a short amount […]

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