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Small Business Financing Trends

Small Business lending and funding is constantly changing.  New laws are passed, businesses change their practices, and entrepreneurs continue to open up mom and pop shops each day.  How will these businesses finance themselves in 2020? Are there new methods? What’s the best product for your business? REIL is here to inform you of the […]

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Must-Reads for Business Owners – Books to Help You Run Your Business

No matter how great your product or services are, if you don’t have a business mindset, you may not survive in a highly competitive market. You can be an apt business owner by molding your body and mind into clever business machines. But how can one keep their brains sharp as a knife? By grinding […]

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Business Spring Cleaning

As spring slowly approaches us, it’s time to declutter. Many people focus on cleaning out that garage they always said they would, but never did. Sometimes, they even focus on organizing their car or closets. But what about your office and business?  Have you ever dedicated some of your spring cleaning to your business? If […]

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