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Hard vs. Soft Credit Inquiries

Everyone has a credit score. Everyone hopes they have a good one, but nobody wants to check to make sure that it’s good. In some ways, a credit score seems like a magic number which in turn defines nearly all your financial capabilities. Having a good personal and business credit score is essential as a […]

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How to Get Business Financing with Bad Credit

Many business owners struggle to get enough financing to run their small business – that trouble is amplified when the owner has bad credit. According to FICO, people with credit scores between 300 to 629 are considered to have “bad credit”. Many factors go into determining one’s credit score, and repairing a poor credit score […]

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A Quick Guide to Business Expenses

As every small business owner knows, sales bring money into a company, while expenses take money out. Expenses are not as exciting to talk about revenue and business potential, however, they are essential to the health of your business. In order to make the sales that all businesses strive for, you have to be willing […]

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