Build an Engaged Online Audience

  • January 30, 2020
  • By Sarah Solomon

Social Media nowadays can be really confusing. An account can have thousands of followers, but no likes on their posts.  How is that possible? Quite simply, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have online if none of them are engaged. As a small business, you want your social media platforms to have real and organic follows.  In other words, you want the people who follow your accounts to care about the services/products you are selling. 

So how can you ensure that your followers are audience members who are engaged and devoted to your business?  REIL has some tips to help you build an engaged audience for optimal influence. 

Engage With Target Customers 

Every small business should have a specific target segment.  Who will use or buy your product/service, and how will you reach them?  Be aware of your business’s target segment prior to advertising and posting online. Your content will differ depending on the personas you are attempting to draw in.  Get to know when your ideal customers are online. What they tend to do on their weekends or where they will be so you can advertise there. Search for related hashtags to your industry to find accounts that can be potential customers. 

Be Authentic 

Social media has become so saturated that it is hard to tell which accounts are real or fake.  Be genuine with your accounts and encourage authenticity by your actions and posting. If you are a business account, you should register one.  You can attempt to be verified by applying for the blue check within whichever platform you are using.  

Additionally, it’s all about consistency.  Constantly engage your followers and customers.  Neglect solely posting when you are offering a promotion or sale.  Show that your business is more than just a business, be personable and approachable. 

Talk With Your Audience 

The best way to boost your business engagement is to give your audience more of what they wanted in the first place.  For example, when you notice a certain type of post attracts more followers and interest, it isn’t a coincidence. Your followers/audience enjoy that content and want you to post more of that kind.  

Feel free to post polls or posts asking customers/followers what they want more of, or if they liked a recent post.  Giving customers and others input suggests your business cares about your customers’ likes and opinions.  


REIL Talk 

As social media becomes extremely popular, it is important for every business to build itself an audience.  However, differentiate your business audience by having an engaged and supportive one. If you are in need of funds to further promote your business online, speak with one of our REIL representatives today! 

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