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Merchant Cash Advance, Small Business Funding

Illinois is ranked among the friendliest states in the United States for small business owners. That is because the government prefers larger business owners among the small business owners. Other reasons are high taxes, difficulty to get licenses and training programs are very difficult to establish their business. Nevertheless there are about 1.2 million small business owners who are employing 2.5 million people in the Land of Lincoln. If you are planning to get business funding or loan for your business by traditional banks then you must consider other options as well. REIL Capital knows that small business owners are not able to pay high taxes and cannot afford training programs, so, if you seek funding for your business then we are here to help you by making the process fast, quick and transparent. Our business financing options are best and way better than traditional bank loans.

Business Funding in Illinois

If you are looking to apply for traditional business funding or loans for your small business, then you must know how much trouble it can be. The banks don’t even talk to you until you fill an application form and provide all of your important documents along with tax forms and bank statements to qualify. After that you have to wait to confirm whether you have qualified for the loan or you have been rejected. If it does get the approval then you have to wait for weeks and months to get the money in your account. Get in touch with REIL Capital to get fast, instant business financing options that you can use to pay off your expenses or even expand your business. You can get the funding in just 24 hours. Check out the options below!

Company owners or Small Business owners who are not looking for quick cash then REIL Capital has got different business options for you!

The options that are given above are great by which small business owners can get business financing even if they are not having a perfect credit score. With Asset Based Lending, you can utilize your property or collateral to secure the loan at 90% rates. You can receive up to $2 million in the funding even if you are having a bad credit score or your score is less than 600!
If you are looking for business funding for your business to update your old equipment then equipment financing is the right option for you. Get 50% on the purchase price of the new equipment that you purchase for your business or you can even get 50% recoup on the price of old existing equipment that is being used by you. There is no perfect score required to get Equipment Financing, nearly all merchants can qualify.
With Fix and Flip Funding, small business owners can get 90% of purchase and rehabilitation costs, if the business owners have some experience and history in the construction business. There is no prepayment penalty and there are options to increase the loan term as well. This option by REIL Capital can benefit your company/business.

Brokered Business Loans

Company owners who have strong credit score as well as strong collateral, they don’t require any sort of cash for business funding. That’s why traditional banks are giving more opportunity and options to them than some of our fast funding options. REIL Capital does not offer any direct loan to our customers and that is not in our policy as well. We manage to give loans to our customers by recommending one of our most trusted brokers who are as dedicated as we are in the business. REIL Capital can also help you by providing you tips and guidance as to how you can apply for SBA Express Loans. Getting loan is not easy – let us help you!

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If you are a small business owner or company owner in Illinois, Chicago or any other city of america then REIL Capital’s funding choices are the best for your business. We have made the process easy to apply by going to our website and fill our instant online application form by which you can get connected with one of our agents who will guide you through all of the process and give a detailed overview on our business funding options that we offer, once you are satisfied with the funding options then one of our agents can even help you to apply and get the approval. Our agent will stick by you for the entire duration of the process!