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Merchant Cash Advance, Small Business Funding

Missouri has 524,000 small business owners who employ more than 1.1 million people in their businesses, companies, or firms. Many entrepreneurs have reported an atmosphere of tempered enthusiasm for the coming future, noting that the growth seems inevitable and ongoing, but also things can get a lot better. If you are a business owner in Missouri and you are worried with lower than average per capita income that is continuing to decline day by day and the gross domestic profit that has only grown modestly over past few years. We know you are thinking you need to get business funding from traditional banks, but you must consider your options because REIL Capital is changing the American dream by helping small business owners. We provide owners with the fast, instant and quick business financing they require to be a top business owner in Kansas City, Missouri or any other city in America. Rather than looking out for traditional bank loans, check out REIL Capital’s fast business funding options that might suit your business as well.

Business Funding in Kansas City

Small Business owners who have ever applied for traditional bank loans must have an idea how much trouble it can be. As banks are not interested in listening to you until you go through legal formalities and fill an online application form and attach detailed documents like bank statements, utility bills and tax forms. After all that, the banks tell you that either you have been qualified for the loan or not. If you do get the loan, then the bank asks you to wait for weeks or even months to get the money in your account. If you get in touch with REIL Capital you can get the business funding in just one day that can be either used for future plans or it can be used to pay off the expenses.

If you don’t have an immediate need of cash then REIL Capital has different business funding for small business owners or company owners that will make more sense to you.

If you have been involved in the construction industry in the past and have experience, then fix and flip can help you to get 90% purchase and rehab costs for the next one month. Fix and Flip Funding is an interest based funding, so, there is no prepayment penalties, and there are options to increase the loan term that can benefit your business.
If you seek necessary business funding for your small business or company to update your existing equipment, or you want to add a new equipment, then Equipment Financing helps you to get 50% on the purchase price on the new equipment or you can get 50% recoup on the new equipment purchase price. You do qualify for this process even with a bad credit score. The whole process will be sanctioned in 2 weeks.
Small business owners who have property or land in their possession can use it to get business financing for up to 2 million, that can be granted in just 2 weeks! They can use these funds to either plan their future or expand their business by adding new equipment to benefit their business.

Brokered Business Loans

If you are a small business owner and you have a good credit score, solid collateral, and you are not in need of immediate cash, then our business funding options are not going to suit you, traditional business loans are more favorable for you. REIL Capital has been involved with different brokers who provide loans on our behalf in addition to any direct loans to the customers who seek business funding. Our brokers are dedicated, just like we are, and honest as well. REIL Capital can assist you if you are planning to apply for Small Business Administration loans, because we know it’s not easy to get loans.

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If you are a business owner in Kansas City, Missouri or any other city of America, REIL Capital offers best business funding products that can not only suit you but also your business as well. There is a small step which you can follow for an instant online application to get in touch with one of our agents. They will get in touch with you when you submit your application form and discuss the details. He can answer all of your questions and provide detailed answers that can help you to decide for a better option. Once you get the details and feel comfortable, then our agent will help you to go through the process to apply and get the approval. After that the agent will stick with you for the duration of your loan, always making sure your business is healthy for years to come.

Many small business owners have realized the potential of REIL Capital because we have helped more than 500 small business owners to establish their business. If you also want to be part of this journey, then get in touch with us by filling out an online application form.