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Merchant Cash Advance, Small Business Funding

North Carolina is flourishing: there are about 10 million people who are currently residing in North Carolina. After an initial period of slow economic growth due to recession, the Heel State economy is growing now at the rate of 2 percent every year. Entrepreneurs are enjoying the manageable tax rates and the growing economy, and they are optimistic for the future. However, small business owners still face some challenges, and one of them is the access to capital. North Carolinian small business owners need to face the challenges of obtaining business funding from traditional banks, but that is not the only option. REIL Capital is changing the American business owners dream by providing necessary business financing and making the entire process fast, quick and instant. If you are a business owner in Charlotte, North Carolina or any other city of America then you must check out our fast business funding options that are instant and quick than the traditional bank loans.

Business Funding in Charlotte

If you are planning to apply for traditional bank loans, then it is not going to be easy. The banks are least interested to listen to you before you fill an application form, and provide your important documents like utility bills, bank statements and tax forms. Once you have submitted the documents, the banks tell you that you are out of luck, or luckily if you do get the approval for the loan, the banks ask you to wait for months to get the cash in your account. No one has that much time to wait to get business funding, especially when you can get it in just one day. REIL Capital has fast and quick business funding options that can be used for future plans or even you can use that cash to pay off your outstanding expenses. Check out our business financing options below.

Small business owners who have outstanding expenses but not enough cash in hand, and their customers are not giving timely payments, then Invoice Financing is a good option for them. You can turn 90% of your invoices into a lump sum in just 3 days. This is one of the fastest business funding options for small business owners who are looking to pay off their expenses even if they have a bad credit score.
With a Revolving Line of Credit, you can get up to $250,000 that can be used to pay your expenses, or you can use that money for investment in your business to grow it. You just have to pay interest on the cash that has been spent by you not on the entire amount. Also, unlike traditional bank loans you are not supposed to reapply again and again.
If you are looking for fast business funding option then Merchant Cash Advance is the right option for your small business. There are lenders who accept applications from small business owners fund in just 24 hours, and you can get access to your desired cash amount. The amount needs to be paid back within 4-18 months by generating enough credit sales to repay your loan.

If you are having a bad credit score then you should not worry because REIL Capital has got different business funding options for you, get in touch with one of our professional experts to get a detailed information.

With Asset Based Lending, you need to lend your property or land as a collateral. The values are going to be between 90% and you can get up to $2 million for business funding that can be used by small business owners for future planning or even you can add new machines in your business.
Small business owners who are having experience in construction business can qualify for Fix and Flip Funding to get 90 % purchase and rehab costs for next one month. There are zero prepayment penalties in this business funding and there are options to increase the loan time limit as well.
Small business owners often seek for business funding to upgrade their equipment or machines and in that case Equipment Financing is the right option for them. With equipment financing small business owners can get up to 50% on the purchase price of the new equipment or they can even get 50% recoup on the equipment if they put liens against the old equipment that they already own. You are not supposed to have a perfect credit score to qualify for this business funding option and it just takes 2 weeks!

Brokered Business Loans

For small business owners who don’t want immediate cash and a great credit score, traditional business loans are going to give you better options than our fast business funding options. REIL Capital has been working with different brokers to provide loans to our customers in addition to our direct loan programs. REIL Capital makes sure that the brokers are as good as us, honest and transparent. If you are looking to apply for loans with the Small Business Administration, then our professional experts can help you with the entire process and make things easier for you as it’s very difficult to get loans.

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If you are a small business owner in Charlotte, North Carolina or any other city in America, you have to look for loans we are currently offering. We have made the process easy and fast by introducing an online application process for small business owners where they can fill details and then one of our Capital Specialists will get in touch with you to discuss about the possible business funding options that will suit your business. Once you are comfortable then they will help you to apply and get the approval. Lastly, when you will get the business funding our professional will stick with you for the duration.

Small business owners in Charlotte and other cities have realized that REIL Capital is an important ally. Our company has funded more than 500 small businesses and continue to do so. If you’d also like to be a part of our family, then you must fill our instant online application form to get business funding in just one day!