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Merchant Cash Advance, Small Business Funding

For the 760,000 people in North Dakota, small businesses are it’s lifeblood. There are about 72,000 small business owners who employ more than 210,000 people in their companies. If you are a small business owner and dream of becoming North Dakota’s best business man, then you will certainly need business funding. If you think that the traditional banks are the only option to get the business funding for your business, then you need to do some research – REIL Capital is giving fast, instant and quick loans to small business owners. If you are from Fargo, North Dakota, or any other city in the United States, then you must be looking for business options that may tend to be better for you in the long run rather than business loans from traditional banks.

Business Funding in North Dakota

If you are a business owner from North Dakota, then there are high chances that you have interacted with a variety of different banks to get business loans. The first thing banks ask you to do is fill an online application form, and provide your personal information along with important documents like complex financials, tax forms, and utility bills to qualify. Once you provide all of your documents, you are asked to wait for weeks or even months to know whether you will get the loan or not. If you pass the qualification process, you are often forced  to wait again to get the money in your bank account. No one has that much time to waste! That’s why REIL Capital is ready and able to provide fast business funding for North Dakota and beyond.

If you have outstanding expenses that need to be paid, but are still waiting for your customers to send you cash or check, Invoice Financing might be your best option. From school fee to utility bills to tax fees, the bills never stop coming. With invoice financing you can get up to 90% of the invoice as a lump sum in under 3 days. Also, invoice financing helps small business owners with poor credit score, because the invoices are itself a collateral that secure your business financing.
By qualifying for a Revolving Line of Credit you can get up to $250,000 that can be used either to grow your business operations, or simply to plan for your future. The best thing about this option is that you are only pay interest on the amount that has been withdrawn by you. Unlike traditional bank loans, you are not going to have to apply again and again with this loan, it lasts as long as you continue to pay your balance down. This is one of our fastest business funding options and can be approved in just 24 hours!
This is one of the best processes to get fastest business funding for your small business or company. As we work with lenders who are ready to give you your desired cash in just 24 hours. Merchant Cash Advance are a quick, instant and fast business funding option for business owners with less than perfect credit scores All you have to do is pay this back within 4-18 months by generating credit cash from daily sales.

When you get in touch with REIL Capital to get details about business funding options, one our Capital Specialists will give you full information regarding funding options. Even if you have a bad credit score, read on for more examples below:

If you are planning to upgrade your old existing machines, or if you intend to buy new machines for your existing business, equipment financing is the option you have got. Equipment Financing helps you purchase the equipment you need to help you to make much more cash at your company business. You can get 50% on the purchase price of the new equipment in the form of a lump sum, or you can even get 50% redeemed by giving away your old existing equipment that you already own. All of this process just takes 2 weeks to complete.
If you are a small business owner who has land or property, then you can use Asset Based Lending to secure the loan on collateral. The value is up to 90% of the real estate value, and you can receive up to 2 million in the funding. You can use this either for your business expansion or for your future goals.
If you have a history of previous completed construction projects then you can easily qualify for Fix and Flip Funding for a house flipping project. When you qualify for fix and flip funding you can get up to 90% of purchase and rehabilitation cost for next one month. There are absolutely no prepayment penalties and there is an option to increase the loan term as well.

Brokered Business Loans

If you are a company owner or a small business owner who has a perfect credit score and doesn’t seek any immediate cash, traditional banks might provide a better offer for you than our fast business funding options. REIL Capital only provides direct loans to certain customers – we have connections with the best brokers in the space who work for us and give loans on our behalf. Also, we make sure that the brokers who we work with are loyal and transparent, so that you know that you have been working with ethical professional experts. Our capital experts even help small business owners who want to apply for loans with the Small Business Administration.

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If you are from Fargo, North Dakota or any other city in America you can get in touch with one of our Capital Specialists by filling an online application in which you need to give some details and submit the form. After that one of our Representatives will get in touch with you to analyse your financial situation and discuss possible business solutions. You will get a detailed overview about the fast business funding products that we offer to small business owners. Also, by answering all of your questions to make sure that you feel comfortable and make your decision, we will help you to apply and get the loan. For the entire duration of the loan process, our specialists will stick with you.

Business owners of Fargo and other city in America have accepted the fact the REIL Capital is their true ally. Our business funding for almost 500 different small businesses and companies prove that our customers appreciate our services and that is why our family is growing day by day. To be part of our family you need to simply fill an online application form, so that you can get business funding in just 24 hours.