What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

It’s very common for business owners, especially those operating a start-up, to need funding from time to time. From everyday expenses to new equipment, payroll, or other, costs begin to add up. Owners must stay on top of these expenses to avoid getting behind and allowing them to pile up; if the business cannot afford […]

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Perks of a Merchant Cash Advance

Small Business owners need capital to survive.  There are various working capital options available, however, some options are better for your business than others.  Typically, many small businesses try to find banks that are willing to lend them money. Unfortunately, small businesses tend to not qualify for the banks. Even if they do, small businesses […]

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Why Merchant Cash Advances?

Merchant Cash Advances are a useful finance solution for small businesses that are seeking extra working capital. Why not go to a bank? Merchant Cash Advances are faster, simpler, and more convenient. Unlike bank loans which can take months to fund and require extensive paperwork, a merchant cash advance does not require collateral or a […]

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