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America’s doctors have spent years of their lives in school furthering their education working in hospitals, and practicing in their specialized fields. While some doctors are comfortable with working at a hospital or working for another doctor, others feel they can best serve their community with a private practice. Whether you’re a general practitioner, dentist, or any kind of specialist, starting up your own practice can be risky and expensive. If you’re a doctor who wants to work for yourself, you’ll need funding to purchase equipment, rent or purchase an office space, hire employees, and more. Unfortunately, business loans for doctors can be difficult to obtain, especially for those with low credit scores, no collateral, or who need money fast. If you think going to a bank to get business loans for doctors is your only option, think again. REIL Capital offers several different kinds of business funding for doctors that may be ideal for your situation, and we make it easy for you to apply with our instant online application.

Business Funding for Doctors

If you currently run your own practice or you’re looking to start up a new one, you’ll want to speak to someone at REIL Capital today about all the different types of financing for doctors we offer. If you’re used to the business loans for doctors offered by traditional banks, then you’ll quickly see how our funding types work differently. First of all, many of our funding types are designed to get money in your account quickly, so when you need money now, you won’t have to wait long. Second, while business loans for doctors from traditional banks require a perfect credit score and collateral. If you don’t have one or either of those things, you’ll be subject to higher rates or you may even be denied outright. Here are a few of the various types of business funding for doctors we offer and how they may be ideal for your financial situation: