Effective Low-Budget Marketing Ideas to Boost Up Your Small Business

  • August 24, 2020
  • Written by : REIL Capital

In this economy, almost every business is looking for new ideas to bring money. Various sales firms and marketing companies are ringing their doorbells to tell them about up-to-the-minute technologies currently in use for marketing. However, most of the queries are still kept unresolved and underneath the trending ideas. 

The increasing trend of social media has automatically raised the curve of marketing and today it can be done at very low market rates. Such marketing ideas can be very beneficial for small businesses that can’t pay for a marketing agency

Here are some effective marketing ideas especially for those who have a low-budget but still want to earn more profits.

Organic Social Media Growth

Organic marketing ideas, although are the cheapest ones, give effective results and help to gain the trust of your audience. The target audience finds it more authentic. Organic social media marketing ideas include regular posts and tweet updates. Whereas, paid marketing ideas include only Facebook and Instagram ads. So users prefer organic marketing ideas over, paid marketing ideas. 

Mass SMS Messaging

In the modern era, people prefer texts over emails. If they are spending 80% of their time texting then, comparatively, they spend only 20% time on emails as well as other things. Automatically, the marketing graph will rise by using texting rather than emails. Small businesses can opt for cheap plans for sending SMS to their customers instead of purchasing high-end plans. 

Penetrating Facebook Pages and Groups

Although Instagram is trending these days, Facebook is the best way to find what your customers think about your business and services. Just creating a Facebook page is not enough, interacting with other pages, and getting the latest updates is also mandatory. So, one must like, share, and comment on the posts by other users in their group. 

Direct Email marketing: Direct Email marketing is also one of the classy ideas to attract the target audience. It’s really effective for small businesses and mid-range ones because it allows all types of features including templates, list management, tracking, and many more. MailChimp, AWeber, and Constant contact are some of the affordable and effective options. 

Cold Calling

It may seem outdated but a survey found that cold calling produces second-best results in converting leads after referrals. Now that we have reached so far in technology, cold calls are free and you will only be paying for the person making the calls. They also save time since you instantly get to know whether you have earned a customer or not.

Focus on building a relationship with the client since no one likes pushy and aggressive calls. Cold calls can be a great way to convince potential customers if you have good communication skills. 


Small businesses are always eyeing for new ways to convert customers and what better than the latest trends in marketing. Marketing has always been the key to success in any business. These cheap but effective marketing tactics can help increase your small business clientele. To witness more growth and opt for the paid marketing tactics, explore our funding options, and pick one as per your need. 

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