How Can You Utilize Amazon to Scale Your Business?

  • November 30, 2020
  • Written by : Elizabeth Beall

Small business owners are always looking for ways to scale. Sometimes putting such a heavy emphasis on discovering the “biggest and best” way to scale leads to some of the best opportunities being missed or neglected.

Meet Amazon, the online store you haven’t considered for business purposes.

A Skubana article on e-commerce news explains, “Amazon provides small business owners with an opportunity to create a new revenue stream by leveraging Amazon’s various levers. In saying that small business owners are still required to do a few things. But using Amazon can provide a cost-effective way of growing your business.”

To begin taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities Amazon can provide, you must first register. You will have the choice of either creating a new business account (to keep business and personal separate) or, converting your current account into a business account.

From here, you’ll gain exclusive access to quantity discounts. Including business prime (free shipping on all orders), business analytics, and multi-user accounts.

Let’s assume you’re all set up. Now it’s time to scale.

Here’s how:

Savings and Systemization 

As a business, the goal is to create a sense of automation to allow for the optimization of daily tasks. The more we can systematize, the easier daily operations become, and the more room we have to focus on scaling. 

From the business and the customer perspective, saving means everything. We all jump on sales — it’s human nature. Well, what if saving and systemizing went hand-in-hand? 

With Amazon, you can buy in bulk and request specific discounts for your business, set up recurring deliveries with automatic cost reductions, and save more and more through progressive discounts over time as you buy more frequently from your favorite brands.

Don’t spend more than you need to, and don’t waste time on monthly reorders and price adjustments; Amazon has it handled.  

Amazon Analytics

It is crucial to pay attention to your analytics, regardless of the system or company you are working with. It is because of two big reasons: to understand your customer’s buying habits and behaviors, and to track your progress toward spending goals.

As Amazon says, you are “turning insights into actions.”

By doing this, you’ll learn how to optimize your offerings, or spending categories, for a higher return on investments. Also, you will discover new ways to reduce everyday costs leading to more customers, better products, and a growth system you can capitalize on.

Cost-per-click Advertising

With Amazon, your business has access to millions of sales opportunities. Thus the more you know about your target customer (Amazon Analytics), the better you can sell to them.

Matt Snyder, Director of Business Development at Varidesk, explains his opinion of advertising: “with Amazon Business, we’re able to drive incredible growth opportunities and profitability because we don’t have to fight for new customers—and the increased loyalty drives down the overall cost of customer acquisition.”

With a business account, you are able to incentivize buyers and engage with customers through sponsored ads at every step of their buying journey. Whether you are adding certifications for relevancy or diversity, offering special pricing for registered Amazon customers, or allowing quote requests for certain products. Then also you can market comfortably knowing that your efforts are well-planned and optimized through a trustworthy system: Amazon.

As you move toward new growth opportunities. Then you should feel stable and capable of taking risks, or in a milder manner, trying something different. We think it all comes down to how financially ready you are to take the leap. If you think you may need some cushion or a bit of financial advisory, we’d be happy to help. Our goal is the same as yours: growth for your small business. 

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