How to Properly Support Your Employees

  • February 6, 2020
  • By Sarah Solomon

Business owners are incredibly proud of their business and company, as they should be.  However, how often do you thank those that keep your business going? Do you acknowledge that without the help of your employees, your business wouldn’t be what it is today?  

REIL is here to help you show your workers and family how much you value them.  Here are some places you can start: 


Slowly but surely, the 9-to-5 schedule is becoming outdated.  With superior technology, grant your workers flexible schedules that properly sync with their personal lives.  For example, incorporate a telecommuting policy. People have kids and family members they most likely tend to.  Having the flexibility to work from home when needed is a huge plus for many employees. In fact, research suggests 80% of employees stated they would be more loyal to their companies if they had more flexible schedules.  

Paid Leave

As mentioned above, your workers most likely tend to their kids or other family members. Life waits for no one, and sometimes bad times and events pop up.  One benefit you can offer your team is a great leave policy. Include those events that fall under the Family and Medical Leave Act. But, take it a step further.  Think of some events the FMLA doesn’t cover, and be understanding that life happens.  

Prioritize Employees Health and Wellness

Get to know your employees both professionally and personally.  Helping your employees strengthen their mental and physical well being is good for both your business and their home lives.  Decreasing stress leads to healthier and happier lives. Offer excellent health insurance to start. Additionally, host events during the week such as a basketball or kickball team.  This gets employees to hang out, while curbing unhealthy habits such as using their time to be lazy or nap excessively. 

On-site Childcare

Regardless of gender, many of your employees have kids.  Do you want to help your staff reduce their anxiety while saving them money?  Provide on-site childcare. This enables employees to feel safe and secure with where their kids are while they are at work.  If this isn’t possible because you lack the space, help your employees find other affordable options. 

REIL Talk 

Your employees essentially keep your business running.  Treasure and cherish them as they are your own family. Being professional is great, yet being personal sometimes can be even better.  If you are in need of funds to improve support for your employees, reach out to REIL Capital today! 

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