REIL Capital is able to facilitate investment funding between start up businesses and angel investors, seed funding groups, VCs, and acclerators/incubators.

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Investment Funding

Investment funding is just one option among many different financing options for the business, and can be used to move a business from its early stages into the booming business you envision. Once you’ve decided that pursuing investors is the right route for your business, you’ll discover there are a variety of options that may suit your business profile and goals.

There are three basic types of investor funding, equity based financing, investment loans, and convertible debt.

Equity Based Funding

Equity based funding means that the money invested into your business is exchange for a stake in your business and it’s performance moving forward. Equity investing is one of the most sought after funding options for business owners, in part because there is no defined repayment schedule and in part because high profile equity partners can boost the profile of the business. The offer is typically based on an estimate of your company’s current valuation and potential valuation. Equity investment funding is a great option for businesses who need a long runway of time to establish revenue, and who don’t have assets to collateralize for a high grade investment loan.

Equity options extremely difficult to qualify for, and can take 3 to 6 months from start to finish. Equity funding is most attractive to investors who see the potential in your business – if you’re primed for high growth, it could be the best option for you.

Investment Loans

Loans, or debt based fundraising, is the easiest form of investment funding for your business. When you decide to pursue debt-based fundraising, you’ll need some form of collateral, or a concrete asset which a lender can use in the event the business goes under and you can’t repay the loan. The more valuable your collateral is, the better the financing options will be. Loans are the most common form of outside capital for new businesses, and one of REIL Capital’s specialties in facilitating.

Investment loans are most useful for your company when you have collateral to put up, when you need capital quickly, and when you need money for a solid reason. REIL Capital is still able to facilitate options for you without collateral – check out our revolving lines of credit, term loans, and merchant cash advances for more information.

Convertible Debt

Essentially a mixture of debt and equity, you borrow money from investors with the understand that the loan will either be repaid or turned into a share of the company at a later point in time. This is very useful for start ups and companies that might go through multiple rounds of funding, or expect the valuation of their company to increase tremendously in the future. With convertible debt, the terms of how the debt is converted into equity are established at the initial loan offering. Typically there is an incentive for investors to convert their debt into equity, such as a discount upon conversion.

Convertible debt options are best for companies who are unable to determine the valuation of their company yet, or companies with valuations that could skyrocket in the future. This is often the best option for small business owners who are looking for investment funding, but is often seen as the least attractive for investors. Investors like to know exactly what their getting themselves into before investing, and a company’s potential is sometimes not seen as concrete enough to provide the funding needed.

The REIL Advantage

When you apply for investment funding options with REIL Capital, you’ll get our REIL advantage, which means you’ll benefit from our impeccable customer service and support. Our goal is to make it easy for small business owners to receive the funding they need, and know their options available. As a family owned and operated company, we’ve committed ourselves to offering fast, easy, cost-effective funding to grow your business and take care of everyday expenses. If you’re in the market for investment funding, or just need quick capital for the business through our merchant cash advance, invoice financing, or term loan services, you’ll receive the same level of care we give to everyone we do business with.

REIL Capital has streamlined our entire application process and put it online — start the process with our instant funding application, and receive a call from one of our Capital Specialists, who will discuss all of your potential funding options and help you select the one that works best for you. In some cases, investment funding might not be the best option; a term loan might make more sense based on your business’ current position. No matter your financial situation, you can trust REIL Capital to guide you towards make the best decision for your business.

If any of our funding options look right for you, get in touch with us today to get the process started. Fill out our online application, call our customer support staff at (888)601-7345, or send an email to , and a REIL Capital Specialist will be standing by to tell you about the various services we offer. Don’t wait — your business could be funded today! Contact REIL Capital and you could have small business funding sooner than you think.