Small Business Email Marketing

  • November 18, 2019
  • By Sarah Solomon

Small Business owners wrongly assume business email marketing to be ineffective.  No matter how big or small, no matter the industry, email marketing is significant.  Specifically, business email marketing helps foster better customer relationships. It also helps to strengthen your business’s brand.  

You don’t need thousands of customers to email, nor millions of dollars to generate a substantial list.  Be creative and seek leads through social media, previous customers, or those who have shown interest in your business and its products/services.  Whether your new to email marketing or are struggling, REIL is here to help.

Below REIL details steps to follow if you want to build a successful email strategy: 

  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Build your email list
  3. Design emails and content
  4. Send the campaign and monitor results

Identify your target audience 

Who are your customers? Who is in need of your service/ product?  Whomever that may be, is your target audience. Whether it’s parents, teenagers, or even grandparents, make sure you are getting their emails.  Keep track of previous customers and those who have expressed interest in your company before. Their emails are critical as repeat purchases create loyalty while new customers increase new profits! 

Make sure to set up lead capture forms on your website.  Create content that includes statements such as “ for more information, leave your email here.”  It is important to explain to users what they are signing up for when they provide you with their email.

Build your email list 

Prior to sending out emails, it is necessary to have contacts to send those emails to.  Use the leads you have gathered from your target audience, previous customers, and lead captures.  Be sure to set up your email subscription so that you are enabled a large number of subscribers.  If you want to send different emails for different industries/segments, have lists ready to make that possible.

Design emails and content

There are various types of emails businesses can send to former and potential customers. There are monthly newsletters, promotional emails, seasonal messages, or even loyalty programs.  Prior to sending an email, make sure there is a clear goal and purpose behind your message. Use that goal or purpose to properly design the email. You want your content to be understandable and clear.  Additionally, feel free to add flare and creativity. For example, if it’s for the holidays make sure the email encompasses the enthusiasm you want your consumers to feel during the holidays. This is always appreciated. 

Hit Send! 

Prior to hitting send, double check your email and it’s the message.  Have a colleague look over it as well to ensure there are no mistakes.  Once everything has been checked over, feel free to hit send. Be sure to monitor your email marketings performance.  Notice which type of content thrives, and which performs poorly. Analyzing your email performance will improve your future emails improving every aspect of your business. 

REIL Business Emails 

Business email marketing is extremely important.  It is a platform business owners can use to entice new customers while communicating with those they already know.  Think about sending out a monthly newsletter, or create great content to notify consumers of your new product/service.  REIL talk, it will only help your business and it’s sales! Contact REIL if you need any advice regarding business email marketing.  If you are seeking funding to better your content and marketing, feel free to speak to one of our representatives! 


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