How to Grow Your Business during the Winter Months

Growing this year has been tough, regardless of the season.  With thousands impacted by the pandemic, we’re seeing slowed progress, closures, and financial struggles in many businesses grow, small especially. Now that the end of the year is here and we’re looking back on 2020 growth. Some of us will either be shocked by the […]

Is Retail Dying?: Why E-Commerce is More Efficient

Our most recent Black Friday Shopping experience says it all. This one-day event turned into a week of discounts, with a majority of deals listed as available-online. We’d be wrong to say that a true shopping experience is going out of style, which it why Neil Stern, a senior partner with the retail consultancy McMillan […]

What is Small Business Saturday?

This past Saturday was the 10th anniversary of Small Business Saturday.  As it always happens in between the busiest days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, what exactly is it?  Who participates? Who started it? How do I become involved? With so many questions, it’s time for some REIL answers.  For businesses […]