How Does Invoice Financing Work?

There is an influential common denominator in operating a business that is seasonal, and those that deal with long billing cycles, big invoices, or large purchase orders. That commonality is the inconvenient waiting period between service completion or product delivery, and payment from your customer. Day in and day out, businesses are facing longer and […]

5 Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions That You Need To Know About Today

Most of us simply go about our tax duties like we would without ever giving a second thought to deductions. Tax deductions are like free money being distributed but no one really knows about it, and thus, nobody claims it.  Many tax deductions might just make the difference that you need for things to work […]

Business Spring Cleaning

As spring slowly approaches us, it’s time to declutter. Many people focus on cleaning out that garage they always said they would, but never did. Sometimes, they even focus on organizing their car or closets. But what about your office and business?  Have you ever dedicated some of your spring cleaning to your business? If […]

A Quick Guide to Business Expenses

As every small business owner knows, sales bring money into a company, while expenses take money out. Expenses are not as exciting to talk about revenue and business potential, however, they are essential to the health of your business. In order to make the sales that all businesses strive for, you have to be willing […]