How to Get Unsecured Business Funding

Don’t let the word “unsecured” scare you off. Business owners often mistake unsecured business funding to be unreliable or lack security, transparency, or honesty because of the name. Fortunately, it is quite the opposite and has helped thousands of business owners make quick decisions, pay operating expenses, purchase equipment, and more, in a short amount […]

How to Make Quick Cash Online

If just anyone could log on and redeem cash, everyone would do it. Just like with most things regarding money, you have to work to earn it. Some ideas of “work” however are a bit simplified when it comes to making quick cash online… “easy” might be a good word for them. Here is a […]

Quick Business Funding: Here’s What to Expect

Businesses need working capital to start, maintain, and grow. Most will set aside a select amount and consider this their excess capital, which enables them to take risks, make big decisions, and most importantly, easily pay off debt or pay for unexpected events like a machine malfunction. Until you hit one of those roadblocks or […]

How to Get Business Funding for Your Equipment

What does it take to keep your business running efficiently? What do you do or use on a day-to-day basis that allows you to continue growing your business? Some of your answers will be tangible, and others, maybe not. You may be thinking of words like motivation, strategy, and dedication, or, maybe you thought of […]

Best Ways to Get Funding for Your Small Business

Every funding blog starts the same. Rather than continuing to blend in, we’re here to make a REIL difference. If you’re looking for something that screams, “this is how to get funding,” you’ve found it. We’ll skip the redundant reasons on why you may be seeking funding because we assume you already know why. Instead, […]

How Long Does SBA Disaster Funding Approval Take?

Expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to owning or operating a business. There will always be obstacles, stressful moments, and big challenges to face, and unfortunately, most of which you will not have control over. What kind of challenges are you facing in your business? The list could be short or endless and may […]

What Is Fix and Flip Funding?

So, you’re a house hunter, home seller, or a mix of the two? Allow us to paint a picture. The housing market comes naturally to you; you might read the real estate column of the newspaper religiously or have emails sent to you with new and old home listings. You’re always asking around your local […]

How to Increase Your Chances of Qualifying for a Small Business Loan

Applying for a small business loan, whether through a lender or the SBA, it can be intimidating for small business owners. There is always a question of “Will I qualify? Luckily, lenders look at far more than just a credit score or how much money you have in the bank. They pay attention to how […]

Steps to Start Your Own Business

Starting a business involves a plethora of activities.  Whether it’s planning, key financial decisions, or completing legal activities, everything needs to be taken care of. Your business will require extreme dedication and patience. Starting a business is own thing, but making it successful is another. REIL is here to help you with each step.   Do […]