How to Get Unsecured Business Funding

Don’t let the word “unsecured” scare you off. Business owners often mistake unsecured business funding to be unreliable or lack security, transparency, or honesty because of the name. Fortunately, it is quite the opposite and has helped thousands of business owners make quick decisions, pay operating expenses, purchase equipment, and more, in a short amount […]

Find Public and Private Small Business Funding in 2021

You may not be surprised when we tell you, but you are not alone in this hunt for funding you’ve been on lately. In fact, you are among thousands of other business owners seeking financial help to ensure their small business continues to grow through this year of uncertainty. To put this into perspective, through […]

Which Types of Real Estate Businesses Can Get SBA Funding?

Real estate is an incredibly broad industry and is home to many businesses ranging from assisted living facilities to retail stores and car washes. You can work as a business owner, investor, or employee and still fit under the umbrella.  Such a wide array of businesses leaves owners questioning whether or not they are eligible […]

Where to Find Fast Business Funding for All Types of Businesses

Every business needs working capital, but not every business owner has access to the amount of working capital he or she needs. It’s common. It’s frustrating. It’s also easy to solve. Lenders, banks, investors, and strangers alike are all wonderful options for fast funding, with some offering faster funding than others (we might be biased, […]

Startup Financing: Advantages and Funding Options for Your Company

Starting a business or planning to? You’ve come to the right place. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, only 50% of businesses with employees survive past the first five years. Our job is to make sure you and your business end up as the other 50% who survive and thrive. There are two main […]

Reil Capital Donates 200,000 Masks to Small Businesses as Delta Variant Rages

With the new surge of the Covid-19 Delta Variant, businesses are struggling yet again to stay afloat. The uncertainty of whom the new strain affects most is forcing companies to go remote, and cut down on employees and service capacity. Being a small business ourselves, we were facing the same issues.

Quick Business Funding: Here’s What to Expect

Businesses need working capital to start, maintain, and grow. Most will set aside a select amount and consider this their excess capital, which enables them to take risks, make big decisions, and most importantly, easily pay off debt or pay for unexpected events like a machine malfunction. Until you hit one of those roadblocks or […]

How Long Does SBA Disaster Funding Approval Take?

Expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to owning or operating a business. There will always be obstacles, stressful moments, and big challenges to face, and unfortunately, most of which you will not have control over. What kind of challenges are you facing in your business? The list could be short or endless and may […]

Personal Funding Versus Business Funding: What’s the Difference?

There will always be a need for additional capital when owning a business, from new equipment purchases, to payroll, to managing day-to-day operations. When owning a business, the last thing an owner wants to do is give up that ownership, thus most try to avoid investors or any funding option that requires him or her […]