Keeping your Business Profitable When The Market is Down

Business owners are getting more and more creative. We, as business owners ourselves, have to continuously find ways to stay profitable, to stay in business, and to stay in a growth phase. Much easier said than done. Most of us have turned to trading, stocks, investments, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and more, which of course are risky […]

2022 Tax Season: How Will It Influence My Business?

Another year brings another year of tax filings. Have you ever stopped to really consider how your taxes, deadlines, and extensions affect your business? Taxes greatly affect your business in a number of ways including: having a direct impact on your cash flow, detracting from the bottom line of your business’s profitability, and enhancing or […]

Find Public and Private Small Business Funding in 2021

You may not be surprised when we tell you, but you are not alone in this hunt for funding you’ve been on lately. In fact, you are among thousands of other business owners seeking financial help to ensure their small business continues to grow through this year of uncertainty. To put this into perspective, through […]

How Does Invoice Financing Work?

There is an influential common denominator in operating a business that is seasonal, and those that deal with long billing cycles, big invoices, or large purchase orders. That commonality is the inconvenient waiting period between service completion or product delivery, and payment from your customer. Day in and day out, businesses are facing longer and […]

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

It’s very common for business owners, especially those operating a start-up, to need funding from time to time. From everyday expenses to new equipment, payroll, or other, costs begin to add up. Owners must stay on top of these expenses to avoid getting behind and allowing them to pile up; if the business cannot afford […]

How Can You Utilize Amazon to Scale Your Business?

Small business owners are always looking for ways to scale. Sometimes putting such a heavy emphasis on discovering the “biggest and best” way to scale leads to some of the best opportunities being missed or neglected. Meet Amazon, the online store you haven’t considered for business purposes. A Skubana article on e-commerce news explains, “Amazon […]

Need a Small Business Loan? Here’s What You Need to Know

A small business loan can help your business accomplish a wide variety of needs and goals. Whether are starting, running, or growing, there is a customized option for you. As a small business owner, you should be aware of the process and all of what is required to obtain a loan prior to applying. The […]

The 5 Biggest Benefits of Small Business Express Loans

Funding your small business is essential for growth and maintaining a profit. No matter if you are an expert in saving, or just getting started, a small business loan might be in your favor. Here are some of the reasons we feel that loans can be beneficial to you and your business: Low-Interest Rates Interest […]

Effective Low-Budget Marketing Ideas to Boost Up Your Small Business

In this economy, almost every business is looking for new ideas to bring money. Various sales firms and marketing companies are ringing their doorbells to tell them about up-to-the-minute technologies currently in use for marketing. However, most of the queries are still kept unresolved and underneath the trending ideas.  The increasing trend of social media […]