Importance of Cash Flow to Your Business

Money moving or flowing in and out of your business over a certain period of time defines the cash flow of your business. Most businesses calculate the net change in their cash position for a month to determine the cash flow. Positive cash flow means the company got more cash in than it sent out […]

7 Finance Terms Small Business Owners Should Know

Knowledge is the real power when you want to pick the right financing option for your small business. Knowing a few things here and there helps you make smart choices when comparing different loans. If you know the most common terms used in the finance industry, you can also get something better than usual while […]

Business Loans for Restaurants

The restaurant industry is not an easy business. Ironically, as a restaurant owner, your plate is typically full.  From managing your employees to incurring food costs, there is so much to deal with. It costs time and money to keep your restaurant standing, while constantly improving it.  This leads to fluctuations in your cash flow […]

Tips for Small Business Managers

Running a small business is no small task. You’re in charge of all the details.  From sales to marketing to hiring to leasing inventory, the responsibilities never end.  It’s easy to feel defeated when you are keeping track of so many different things. The good news for small business managers everywhere is that there is […]