What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

It’s very common for business owners, especially those operating a start-up, to need funding from time to time. From everyday expenses to new equipment, payroll, or other, costs begin to add up. Owners must stay on top of these expenses to avoid getting behind and allowing them to pile up; if the business cannot afford […]

3 Steps to Consolidate Your Debt

Business owners leverage debt consolidation loans to stop hurting their cash flow from multiple payments. Below, we will walk you through 3 steps to consolidate your debt even with bad credit.  Sometimes unnecessary debts from multiple sources can be a curse to your earnings every month. If you are running a business, debts can put […]

3 Essential Things to Know to Maintain a Good Credit Score

To simply put, credit score reflects your history with money. While you can’t calculate your exact credit score, you do control a majority of it. There are several things involved in determining your credit score. But we can count on five factors that credit bureaus use when calculating your credit score. These include payment history, […]

The Perks of Having a Business Credit Card

As small business owners, there are numerous reasons to have a credit card.  For instance, a credit card can help keep track of your business expenses. It can also offer opportunities to earn points or rewards after certain purchases.  Finally, it can help you secure funds to finance your business if you do not qualify […]

Hard vs. Soft Credit Inquiries

Everyone has a credit score. Everyone hopes they have a good one, but nobody wants to check to make sure that it’s good. In some ways, a credit score seems like a magic number which in turn defines nearly all your financial capabilities. Having a good personal and business credit score is essential as a […]