Is Retail Dying?: Why E-Commerce is More Efficient

Our most recent Black Friday Shopping experience says it all. This one-day event turned into a week of discounts, with a majority of deals listed as available online. We’d be wrong to say that a true shopping experience is going out of style, which is why Neil Stern, a senior partner with the retail consultancy […]

Is it the Right Time to Launch an E commerce Store?

There’s a hype around e-commerce since coronavirus has forced everyone to stay inside the homes. People are arguing over the potential of retail stores going online and reaching customers on their smartphones and laptops. But is it actually the right time to jump on the bandwagon? Launching an eCommerce store is a major investment for […]

Small Business Goals for 2020

The new year and new decade has finally arrived.  It’s time for small businesses to start planning and doing.  With a new year comes a sense of optimism and practicality. Our economy is strengthening, and e-commerce is booming.  How will your business succeed in 2020?  What areas should your business focus on?  Ultimately, your business’s […]