How to Get a Business Line of Credit as a New Business

New small business owners, like yourself, want to feel prepared when it comes to starting a business. Financially, that means having proper funding to allocate to all needs, and not having to fear costs. To have this sense of security, businesses look to a line of credit. With this, owners feel more equipped and less […]

Equipment Financing: How it Works and Who is it For

Equipment financing does not just cover heavy machinery and big systems. Purchasing new equipment varies between businesses. To a software company, new equipment might be the newest computer, whereas to a shipping company, new equipment might be semi-trucks. Lucky for businesses, equipment financing covers it all. As owners, we know how much of a dread […]

4 Steps to Take If You Are Rejected for an SBA Loan

Whether you are an established businessman looking for expansion or you are a new business owner just trying to cover all the routine operational expenses, accessing additional financing can be challenging. Lending options offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) are one of the most common ways to cover such ventures due to their […]

4 Effective Ways to Utilize Business Financing

At REIL Capital, we often see small businesses apply for loans or funding to grow their business. But often they don’t know the key things to nail down first and end up misusing their influx of cash. If you know how to put that money to work. Then, you can facilitate growth and expansion while […]