Finance Leaders Encourage Post-Pandemic Support

Inflation is high and the hope of lower rates is becoming more and more far-fetched. G20 finance leaders, otherwise known as finance ministers and top central bankers of the Group of 20 industrial nations, are pushing for the word “cautious” to be added into every small business owner’s dictionary. While these leaders are trying to […]

Innovative Technology in the Finance Industry 2021

Many technological changes have occurred within the last year, 2020, especially in the retail and finance industry. Thousands of shoppers have begun to shop mostly online with skyrocketing sales seen in companies like HelloFresh, a healthy food delivery service, and Amazon. In addition, thousands of business owners are learning how to adapt and offer varying […]

Operating a Small Business in the New Normal

Operating mid-pandemic for small businesses means much more than mandatory masks worn at work or Zoom meetings for virtual connections and communications. All because COVID-19 is changing the way we do business. We are quickly adapting and evolving to fit the new normal. For the most part, these struggles and their associated new fix-it ideas […]

Need-to-Know Changes within the Finance Industry in 2020 and 2021

This year, 2020, has been full of surprises and unexpected impacts, especially within the finance industry. Due to this, many small business owners really hit hard during this pandemic. Including, everything from loss of employees from necessary layoffs, to increased debt. COVID-19 has impacted more business owners than ever thought possible and has absolutely sparked […]

Understanding Business Credit: How to Build Business Credit?

Every entrepreneur should aim for establishing business credit and if you don’t know what the term means, stay with us till the end. Here’s the information you need to know about the most important element of the small business loan application. What’s Business Credit? It represents a business’ ability to buy goods or resources now […]

Get Funding To Help your Small Business Right Now at Low-Interest Rates

It is one of the most difficult times for businesses all around the globe with COVID-19 creating financial havoc for most businesses. A report from the National Federation of Independent Business(NFIB) dated back in the early days of the crisis on March 30, stated that 92% of small businesses admitted to suffering negative effects of […]

3 Finance Tips for Small Business Owners

Small business owners have a lot to manage.  Their responsibilities can vary from inventory to customers, to most importantly, finances. REIL wants to help make managing your finances easier.  As small business owners, your business is often your biggest asset. Then, it’s typically your house or home. This makes it extremely important for business owners […]

Small Business Financing Trends

Small Business lending and funding is constantly changing.  New laws are passed, businesses change their practices, and entrepreneurs continue to open up mom and pop shops each day.  How will these businesses finance themselves in 2020? Are there new methods? What’s the best product for your business? REIL is here to inform you of the […]

What is a Seasonal Business?

Seasonal businesses offer products and services that are primarily used during a specific time of year.  Although they are seasonal, many seasonal companies also stay open year-round. The majority of their income is received during their prime seasons.  This keeps them going throughout the year. It’s a seasonal business’s choice whether or not they are […]