Find Small Business Funding Options in 2021

We are all navigating through what seems to be one of the most difficult times we’ve faced as business owners and entrepreneurs. With this comes one of the most prominent trends in the financial industry at this time. Policymakers are keeping a close eye, more than in years past, on the needs of small businesses. […]

Equipment Financing and Leasing: Get Up to $250K Today

When it comes to financing, businesses typically weigh their options based on rates, terms, financial qualifications, and the owner’s ability to repay and take on potential debt during that time. You’ll notice all three have a fairly obvious common denominator: money. Business owners want to know what the lender’s expectations are, how much they need […]

How to Qualify for USDA Loan in 2021

In 2020, there were 128.45 million households in the United States according to Statista. With millions of homes, it’s not likely that everyone found, or owns, the home of their dreams, however. Luckily, for the people who are not content with an “average” home or one that he or she may not normally be able […]

How to Become a Financial Advisor

Financial advisors are often seen as simply a professional who manages money wisely and provides advice based on experience and acquired knowledge. What most don’t know is that there are actually many different kinds of financial advisors with varying skills and areas of expertise, who offer services ranging from wealth management to Robo-advisors, to financial […]

5 Ways to Make Your Small Business More Secure in 2021

Safety and security have always been hot topics in the financial industry. Whether consumer data and tracking, or working with a financial advisor or lender, people expect reliability and confidentiality. One of our biggest goals here at REIL Capital is to protect the privacy of our customers. That’s why we’ve created this list of 5 […]

Tips for Managing Your Seasonal Business

Running a small business is challenging enough as it is, but seasonality adds an entirely different level of challenges. Only making money during part of the year means that you have to figure out how to stretch your capital to make it until next season. Below we have come up with a few tips to […]