Need-to-Know Changes within the Finance Industry in 2020 and 2021

This year, 2020, has been full of surprises and unexpected impacts, especially within the finance industry. Due to this, many small business owners really hit hard during this pandemic. Including, everything from loss of employees from necessary layoffs, to increased debt. COVID-19 has impacted more business owners than ever thought possible and has absolutely sparked […]

FinTech: The Next Big Thing in Business Finance

The Financial Industry is always developing, but is the next big thing here?  Most recently, the financial focus has shifted to the internet. We see the development every day through ATMs, mobile banking, and the ability to conduct online money transfers.  However, the Financial Industry isn’t done yet; in fact, financial service companies are embracing […]

How Technology is Changing the Financial Industry

The days of waiting in long lines at the bank are over. Technology is changing the financial industry for the better. The word FinTech is a new term that is essentially the marriage between finance and technology. Over the past few years, hundreds of financial applications have appeared on mobile app stores decentralizing the financial […]

Banks Cut Back on Small Business Loans

Sadly, the days of driving to your local bank for a business loan are long gone. Over the past two decades, small business loans have fallen from about half to under 30 percent of total bank loans. Community banks have been eaten up by the big banks and focus on other forms of lending in the […]