Help Your Favorite Small Businesses- Coronavirus Edition

Coronavirus is a threat.  It’s a threat to our health, our loved ones, and even our small businesses.  With the recent precautions by the CDC to self-quarantine, work from home, and cancellation of events, small businesses are being affected.   People are no longer eating out, going to the mall, let alone going to pick up […]

Funding FAQ: REIL Answers Frequently Asked Funding Questions

To grow your idea into a successful business, you need critical thinking, dedication, and skills. However, without adequate funding, it is almost impossible to grow any small business and owners have always failed to cover the required funds through their savings. This compels them to explore their funding options since it becomes essential for their […]

What is a Seasonal Business?

Seasonal businesses offer products and services that are primarily used during a specific time of year.  Although they are seasonal, many seasonal companies also stay open year-round. The majority of their income is received during their prime seasons.  This keeps them going throughout the year. It’s a seasonal business’s choice whether or not they are […]

Small Business Goals for 2020

The new year and new decade has finally arrived.  It’s time for small businesses to start planning and doing.  With a new year comes a sense of optimism and practicality. Our economy is strengthening, and e-commerce is booming.  How will your business succeed in 2020?  What areas should your business focus on?  Ultimately, your business’s […]

Negative Bank Balances: How to Avoid Them

Nothing’s worse than opening your bank account app and seeing a negative number.  Despite the reasoning behind it, know you are not alone. Thousands of people’s account balances reach the negatives each and every day. It’s what you do to fix it that differentiates you from the others.  Having a negative balance diminishes your reliability […]

Ways to Market Your Small Business

Marketing is crucial no matter the magnitude of your business.  Marketing aids businesses in attracting potential customers by selling their products or services.  The term marketing refers to various activities such as advertising, branding, or posting on social media.  Unfortunately, businesses tend to overlook marketing. Business owners have so much on their plates, they tend […]

How Technology is Changing the Financial Industry

The days of waiting in long lines at the bank are over. Technology is changing the financial industry for the better. The word FinTech is a new term that is essentially the marriage between finance and technology. Over the past few years, hundreds of financial applications have appeared on mobile app stores decentralizing the financial […]

Critical Mistakes to Avoid when Budgeting for your Small Business

Budgeting is one of the most tedious and boring tasks for few business owners that you do in the course of normal business operations. Despite how dull it seems, budgeting is one of the most vital functions to perform as a small business entrepreneur. It is important to define the business budget accurately and often. […]