Find Small Business Funding Options in 2021

We are all navigating through what seems to be one of the most difficult times we’ve faced as business owners and entrepreneurs. With this comes one of the most prominent trends in the financial industry at this time. Policymakers are keeping a close eye, more than in years past, on the needs of small businesses. […]

How Does Invoice Financing Work?

There is an influential common denominator in operating a business that is seasonal, and those that deal with long billing cycles, big invoices, or large purchase orders. That commonality is the inconvenient waiting period between service completion or product delivery, and payment from your customer. Day in and day out, businesses are facing longer and […]

Invoice Financing for Small Businesses

As business owners ourselves, we know how happy it makes you deliver great outcomes to your clients, whether this being through a product or service. In fact, continuing to deliver great results is one of the keys to having and maintaining a good working relationship between you and your clients. The cherry on top to […]

How to Get Business Financing with Bad Credit

Many business owners struggle to get enough financing to run their small business – that trouble is amplified when the owner has bad credit. According to FICO, people with credit scores between 300 to 629 are considered to have “bad credit”. Many factors go into determining one’s credit score, and repairing a poor credit score […]

Take Your Small Business to the Next Level Using Business Financing

Expanding a business is a huge milestone in any entrepreneur’s career. You have made it far enough to take your business to the next level. This is an exciting time for you and your business. Here you have to make a lot of important decisions. These may include the direction you want to take your […]