Best Ways to Get Funding for Your Small Business

Every funding blog starts the same. Rather than continuing to blend in, we’re here to make a REIL difference. If you’re looking for something that screams, “this is how to get funding,” you’ve found it. We’ll skip the redundant reasons on why you may be seeking funding because we assume you already know why. Instead, […]

Best Short Term Loans Online in 2021

If your cash flow is running low and you need working capital now, then a short-term loan with shorter repayment periods may be exactly what your business needs. As a small business owner, loans are a big commitment, not to mention a big risk. You can predict your financial future, but that doesn’t mean it […]

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

It’s very common for business owners, especially those operating a start-up, to need funding from time to time. From everyday expenses to new equipment, payroll, or other, costs begin to add up. Owners must stay on top of these expenses to avoid getting behind and allowing them to pile up; if the business cannot afford […]

What is an Asset Based Loan?

An asset based loan is exactly as it sounds: a loan based on company assets. Simple enough, right?  Although the definition may be simple, common questions arise in regards to this loan option such as what exactly are the company assets, why should you, as a business owner choose this type of loan, and how […]

How to Overcome the Challenges of Getting a Small Business Loan

As a small business owner, there usually comes a time when you find yourself in need of some working capital, or some pocket change, if you will. Reasons for this range froma need for new equipment such as laptops or machinery, to a need to pay employees, refinance existing debt, or simply, grow the business. […]

What is the Eligibility for a Small Business Loan?

When you are searching for a loan for your small business. We know you want the process to be as quick and efficient as possible. While applying for an SBA loan won’t provide you with instant funding like some of the other funding options we offer. REIL Capital can ensure the process goes as quickly […]

Short Guide to Business Funding

More than31.7 million small businesses live in the United States and continue to create jobs, contribute to local economies, and bring growth to professional communities. While most small businesses remain fruitful and profitable, occasionally there is a need for quick business funding. When this happens, small business owners tend to question what funding can do […]

3 Steps to Consolidate Your Debt

Business owners leverage debt consolidation loans to stop hurting their cash flow from multiple payments. Below, we will walk you through 3 steps to consolidate your debt even with bad credit.  Sometimes unnecessary debts from multiple sources can be a curse to your earnings every month. If you are running a business, debts can put […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Small Business Debt Consolidation Planning

Although small business owners have several ways for debt-consolidation, there are three primary avenues including acquiring a small business loan, acquiring a debt-consolidation loan, or simply going for commercial debt counseling. Consolidation is a great way to save your money and stop paying interest on different loans. We are here with a step-by-step guide to […]