How to Get Business Funding for Your Equipment

What does it take to keep your business running efficiently? What do you do or use on a day-to-day basis that allows you to continue growing your business? Some of your answers will be tangible, and others, maybe not. You may be thinking of words like motivation, strategy, and dedication, or, maybe you thought of […]

Need a Small Business Loan? Here’s What You Need to Know

A small business loan can help your business accomplish a wide variety of needs and goals. Whether are starting, running, or growing, there is a customized option for you. As a small business owner, you should be aware of the process and all of what is required to obtain a loan prior to applying. The […]

3 Essential Things to Know to Maintain a Good Credit Score

To simply put, credit score reflects your history with money. While you can’t calculate your exact credit score, you do control a majority of it. There are several things involved in determining your credit score. But we can count on five factors that credit bureaus use when calculating your credit score. These include payment history, […]

5 Must-Have Business Apps to Keep Your Business Organized

The business organization describes the structure of a business and identifies how the structure is helpful in meeting business goals. Businesses are of two types–profitable and non-profitable. But, both require you to stay on top of your tasks to operate successfully and meet business goals. We understand that as a small business owner, you may […]

How Digital Marketing Can Help Businesses During and After COVID-19 Crisis

Coronavirus has not only been a massive threat to your health but to your businesses too. A survey conducted by Econsultancy and MarketingWeek including managers from the USA and the UK found that marketing budgets of 63% of participants have been frozen. These managers also admitted that more than half of their product launches were […]

3 Tips When Applying For Small Business Loan

Optimism among small business owners is at an all-time high.  Small businesses are investing, expanding, and creating new jobs like never before.  Therefore, more than ever some businesses are experiencing a cash crunch. Businesses are avoiding the bank and instead of seeking out online lenders.  Why is this? Online lending provides a much faster and […]

Steps to Get a Better Small Business Loan

If you’re a small business owner looking to take out a loan, you may be disappointed by the initial offers on the table.  However, sometimes taking on a more expensive loan is necessary to grow your business. The loans you qualify for now can eventually lead to larger and less expensive loans in the future.   […]

What’s Next When You’re Denied a Small Business Loan?

You’re running your small business and realize your cash flow is low.  You calculate your current funds and apply to receive more. You filled out your application with precise and accurate information.  It’s complete. You hit submit and anxiously wait for your approval. However, you were denied. What can you do for your small business […]

Take Your Small Business to the Next Level Using Business Financing

Expanding a business is a huge milestone in any entrepreneur’s career. You have made it far enough to take your business to the next level. This is an exciting time for you and your business. Here you have to make a lot of important decisions. These may include the direction you want to take your […]