Best Ways to Get Funding for Your Small Business

Every funding blog starts the same. Rather than continuing to blend in, we’re here to make a REIL difference. If you’re looking for something that screams, “this is how to get funding,” you’ve found it. We’ll skip the redundant reasons on why you may be seeking funding because we assume you already know why. Instead, […]

What Can Cryptocurrency Do For Your Business?

My, how the years have changed. One of the biggest evolutions and changes thus far? The way we, as individuals and business owners, pay for things. Our form of currency was once trading physical items. For example gold and silver, and has now evolved into many forms of payment: cash, cards, loans, assets, etc. With […]

Operating a Small Business in the New Normal

Operating mid-pandemic for small businesses means much more than mandatory masks worn at work or Zoom meetings for virtual connections and communications. All because COVID-19 is changing the way we do business. We are quickly adapting and evolving to fit the new normal. For the most part, these struggles and their associated new fix-it ideas […]

Construction Loans for Small Businesses

The construction industry is essential for not only growth in businesses, but also the growth in the country overall. Construction is by far one of the most impactful industries to date and plays a big role in the United States economy. This industry contributes through the building, manufacturing, mining, and many diverse services, all making […]

Help Your Favorite Small Businesses- Coronavirus Edition

Coronavirus is a threat.  It’s a threat to our health, our loved ones, and even our small businesses.  With the recent precautions by the CDC to self-quarantine, work from home, and cancellation of events, small businesses are being affected.   People are no longer eating out, going to the mall, let alone going to pick up […]

Inventory Management for Small Businesses

Keeping track of inventory and updating it is crucial for any business.  However, for small businesses, the way you upkeep your inventory has a direct effect on your sales and demand. Quite simply, inventory management is a necessity.  Do you have a proper system to manage your inventory? If not, REIL has some advice on […]

Outperform the Competition

Standing out seems simple, yet in the business world, it can be hard.  There are thousands of small businesses around the world. Many who may sell the same products and services like yours.  How do you make your business stand out? How do you outperform your competitors? Differentiation is a huge key and major strategic […]

Ways to Market Your Business With a Low Budget

When budgets are tight, many people tend to cut marketing first.  REIL is here to stop you in your tracks. Marketing is essential for small businesses, let alone any business. There are cost-effective marketing methods. You don’t have to break the bank to get your message across.  Here are some marketing strategies to help you […]