The Three Roles of Entrepreneurship

  • October 16, 2019
  • By Aidan Dwyer

As an entrepreneur in the early stages of building your business into the industrial empire that it is destined to be. There are many daunting tasks that may appear overwhelming. Each day, there seem to be more things to do than things getting done making it hard to stay focused and on track. As the creator of your business. It is important to divide your entrepreneurial role into three different individual roles to help keep yourself organized. As small business financial advisers, we’ve worked with many businesses and entrepreneurs, and the ones who are most successful often fall into three categories. 

The Visionary

This is the big-picture role. Visionary entrepreneurs have a concrete understanding of where their business is now. Also, they have a vision of where it should be. You should allocate a good amount of your time to plan, organize and set goals. You should do all this to let your business move in the required direction. A visionary works hard in the moment, but is always looking forward, coming up with new ideas, and tweaking their day to day in order to make their future brighter. 

The Salesperson

The salesperson has an entrepreneurial vision, but more importantly, is able to sell others on their vision. Beyond just visualizing where they want to be, the salesperson is able to constantly pitch their idea to promote their vision among employees, clients, and investors to gain valuable research and resources. The salesperson has a quick wit, and always has a response to upcoming difficulty. 

The Workhorse

Nothing complements the salesperson like the workhorse — as a manager and an entrepreneur, the workhorse needs to make sure that the day to day of business is running efficiently and smoothly. The most important part of this role is managing the finances of the business. You can do this by managing balance sheets, making budgets, and securing funding to achieve your organizational goals. 

The visionary, the salesmen, and the workhorse may seem like they are very simple when they are viewed separately, but playing all three roles at once can be challenging for a CEO early in their entrepreneurial career. At times the tasks of these three roles may conflict with each other. But luckily with a strong team and proper financing, each role can be accomplished easily.

Entrepreneurs with each of these qualities work to make their business the best it can be. But sometimes they need a capital infusion to truly maximize their potential. Thus, REIL Capital prides itself on realizing these goals for small businesses each and every day. For more, contact us now and find how we can best help your business. 


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