Tips for Starting a Small Business

  • February 20, 2020
  • Written by : REIL Capital

Have you ever thought of opening your own business? What’s holding you back?  If you’ve thought about opening your own business, you have probably begun to seek some and any advice.  Luckily, there are so many tips for starting a new business. However, which advice is the best? Which tips should I follow?  

As a small business ourselves, REIL can tell you there is no perfect advice for starting a small business. The best advice is the advice that suits you and your business’s needs.  We hope to provide you with some insight below. 

No Excuses 

Everyone has a dream, yet only some dare to make them come true.  People come up with so many excuses. “It’s impossible, it’s too much work, I don’t want to fail.”  Essentially, you can make up a million excuses for any dream specifically if yours is starting your own business. 

We know it can be scary.  Being your own boss and managing others is a big responsibility.  But, it is one you definitely can undertake. Be weary about the risks but don’t let them stop you from reaching your dream.  No excuses. 

Be a Solution 

The best small businesses are one’s that solve a problem or provide a solution.  It will make it so much easier to build a customer base if your product/ service is a common need.  Fill a gap or nice in the market. What does your community lack/need?  

Understanding why you are building your business and who you can help is very critical to being successful.  Know what problems your target customers face and be their solution. 

Keep Track of Costs 

Prior to starting your own business, it is important to be knowledgeable about the costs.  At first, your expenses will definitely be higher than your income. However, will that eventually even out? No matter your industry or business, it can be tough to get started.  Don’t let that deter you from ever starting in the first place.  

Be prepared for high costs, yet be determined to achieve high profits and income.  If you never get started you’ll never know what could have been. 

REIL Talk 

As a small business ourselves, we are more than happy to share our advice.  Fortunately, we also offer financing and different products that can help your business grow and succeed.  To speak with one of our REIL representatives today, call our direct line or fill out our commitment free application!  We look forward to helping you and your business succeed! 


  1. If I were to start a business, I would make sure to look for a bookkeeping service that will take care of the payroll. Thank you for sharing here as well the importance of having the right target. I also agree with you that it would be smarter to consider the costs too.

  2. Thanks for pointing out that if a product or service is a common need, it will make it so much easier to build a customer base. I would imagine that any aspiring business owner would want to be successful so they can grow their brand.

  3. I totally agree when you said that knowing the reason for building your business will help with making it successful. I can imagine it being an important aspect as well to find small business funding solutions if you are really aspiring to start your own. With this tip, those who have a dream would be able to focus on their goal and finally have the funds to open up a store or shop that would be able to cater to what they are passionate about.

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