Tips On How Manage Your Debt

  • March 12, 2020
  • By Sarah Solomon

The four letter word every business owner dreads to hear: debt.  Although we wish it was avoidable, it turns out it is more common than not.  Daunting, isn’t it? How can you manage your debt? Is it possible to climb out of the hole?  REIL is here to tell you that it is if you follow these steps: 

Acknowledge your debt 

If only ignoring our problems made them go away. Sadly, it doesn’t. Be brave and acknowledge your debt.  Organize the mail you receive from banks and credit card firms. Make sure to actually open the letters and not just throw them away.  Being aware of how much you actually owe is huge. It’s the difference between facing your issues head on or letting your problems cultivate.  

Compile a debt list

Once you acknowledge your debt, it is time to devise a plan to erase it.  Putting together a debt list can be extremely helpful. Organize your debt by whom you owe payments to, how much, and by when.  This will help you to take care of significant debts first while ensuring you don’t miss any payments.  

Such a detailed list will also help you to understand the nature of your debt.  Are you overspending on products, cost, or transport services? Figuring this out will enable you and your business to create a smart and effective repayment strategy. 

 Cut your costs 

Along with a debt list, it is helpful to maintain an expenses diary.  In your expenses diary, create a daily or weekly budget to stick to. This will help you understand where you are spending unnecessarily and how you can improve your spending patterns. 

Minor changes can actually make a huge difference.  For example, if your spending to much on ordering lunch for your employees, find a cheaper restaurant.  If your production costs are eating away at your bank account, seek a new producer.  

 Allocate your savings 

You may not have any savings at the moment.  However, after cutting your costs you should start to see more inflow.  Put that extra cash in a savings account. Don’t spend it aimlessly. Treat your money with purpose.  Only invest or purchase things that are necessary or will eventually lead to profits. Being strict with yourself and your business will help you achieve your dreams of being debt-free. 

REIL Solution 

Debt is a word all business owners hate.  Find the cause of your debt, and seek a solution immediately.  If you lack the funds for a marketing program and know it would make your business profitable, speak with one of our REIL representatives.  If you lack the funds for another truck, speak with one of our REIL representatives. REIL provides funds solely to help your business grow. Our clients are family, and we treat them as such.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!   

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