Top 4 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses to Rule 2020

Top 4 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses to Rule 2020

  • January 8, 2020
  • By REIL Capital Admin

Since the twenty-twenties have officially started, every business new or old wants to start the decade off well. But what’s the key to boosting your business? Perhaps you have just entered the market, or you’ve been around for a while but want to beat your new competitors. Regardless of your situation, the best way is to get the word out about your business. Your growth depends on how many potential customers you reach. This reach ultimately depends on how effective are your marketing strategies. Previously we covered marketing for the holidays, comprising all the strategies businesses can include in their holiday marketing plan. Today, we have some amazing marketing strategies that can help small businesses grow in 2020.

Online Marketing (Digital Marketing)

Create a website (mobile-friendly)

If you don’t have a website for your small business yet, create one immediately. New research shows that small businesses with a mobile-friendly, responsive website can reach 88.5% of Canadian and US people that use the internet. On that website, create a blog to leverage content marketing, and create case studies and ebooks to build customer trust. Also, add a small video to leverage video marketing.

Invest in Local SEO

One of the most important and probably the biggest thing that has ruled and will continue to rule the small business landscape online is local SEO. Since Google has prioritized local search results on SERPs. It is important to climb on search engine rankings and build an online presence that can drive more sales. The facts that support the need for local SEO are:

– 46% of searches made on Google are regarding local information. (GoGulf)
– 72% of users that do local search visit the store within five miles. (HubSpot Marketing Stats)

Local SEO also includes getting your small business on local listing sites since 97% of people get information about a local company from the internet than anywhere else. Local listing sites such as Yelp, Angieslist,, and many more have their own share in the success of many local businesses currently outshining everyone else.

Offline Marketing

Creative Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Long gone are the days when customers wanted to answer a long list of questions that businesses often called feedback forms. Now, some businesses have found creative ways to ask their customers about the changes they want.

Online surveys are quite popular (and Instagram stories are the new hot thing!) in the survey market that asks customers to like one of their two products.

But when it comes to offline marketing, brick-and-mortar stores can ask their customers what they would like to change in the business. Just hang a whiteboard in your restaurant and tell customers to leave feedback on the food there. Not only does it build a sense of satisfaction in the customer’s eyes, but they also come back to see if you have listened to them or not.

Leverage Data for Devising Personalized Offers

Customer data has been a key to all marketing campaigns in the past. Try to use every bit of information to offer personalized offers to your long-term customers. Offer them freebies, discounts on products, and extras in larger quantities. This will build a strong customer relationship and indirectly, you will also invest in the word of mouth marketing since 92% of consumers recommend the products they like to their friends and family.

Final Word

Most of the marketing strategies are industry-specific and need a detailed analysis of the business. However, these strategies are a must for every small business to grow in 2020. If your business needs capital to get your 2020 marketing push-started, contact REIL Capital today, or Apply Now!

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