Ways to Manage Your Stress at Work

  • December 20, 2019
  • By Sarah Solomon

Running a small business is stressful.  Running a small business during the holiday season can be even more stressful. It’s important to manage stress in the workplace so your business functions properly. When the owner/manager is stressed, your employees become stressed too.  These feelings then accumulate and create an uncomfortable tension in your store/business. While stress is unfortunately unavoidable, it is manageable. Manage your stress this holiday season with some of REIL’s best tips below. 

Start Your Day Properly

Wake up and be ready to take on the day that is ahead of you.  Prepare your clothes the night before, and have whatever you need to bring to work-ready. Enjoy a good breakfast and create a plan for the day.  Having a stressful morning makes one more reactive to stress later on in the day. You will be surprised by how having a relaxing morning makes stress at the workplace roll off your back more easily. 

Be Clear to Employees

Prior to each day, employees should know the jobs and tasks that need to be completed.  Being unaware of requirements leads employees to job burnout. Being unaware of requirements leaves employees to be much more stressed than usual.  As a manager/owner, communicate expectations and strategies as frequently as possible. Hold weekly meetings to go over the previous work week. This can relieve stress for the managers, owners, and employees.  

Stay Organized

Being organized can greatly decrease stress in the workplace.  Being organized leads to more time, less rushing, and fewer panic attacks looking for something you need at the moment. You avoid the negative effects of clutter, allowing you to be more efficient with your work and time.  Create a calendar, keep an agenda, hold daily meetings to make sure all is in check in your workplace. Becoming organized is one thing, yet staying organized is another. 

Be Comfortable

Employees spend the majority of their day in the workplace.  While it is not their home, you can certainly make it feel like one.  Sitting in a chair all day can be uncomfortable. Avoid a sore back and make your chair as comfortable it can be.  Get up throughout the day to stretch and go on walks. If soreness is not your problem but noise is, find solutions to ensure you have a quiet and soothing workspace.  Purchase a pair of headphones or ask to move offices. There’s a solution to every problem! 

REIL Advice

We know the holidays can be stressful.  Yet most importantly, we know running a small business, in general, is always stressful.  Let REIL help you relax. Secure your funding needs with us today through our commitment-free application.

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