Ways to Market Your Small Business

  • September 10, 2019
  • By Sarah Solomon

Marketing is crucial no matter the magnitude of your business.  Marketing aids businesses in attracting potential customers by selling their products or services.  The term marketing refers to various activities such as advertising, branding, or posting on social media.  Unfortunately, businesses tend to overlook marketing. Business owners have so much on their plates, they tend to put marketing on the back burner.  To learn how to market and represent your company sufficiently, read REIL’s tips below.

1. Create an Online Presence

In this day and age, social media is very prominent.  Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Google, everyone these days is online. The platforms available to view products and services are endless. When you are seeking a good restaurant by yourself, what do you do? You search online.  When you are looking for the best product to buy, what do you do? You search online again. You want to make sure your company is one of the businesses that pop up when your industry is searched.  

To initiate that, start by creating content.  Content focuses on distributing reliable and relevant posts consistently.  Urge your business to create a posting schedule. Startup a blog, post your new products on Instagram! The more content, the better.  The more you post, the more your business appears online. This method leads to more customers, professionalism, and earns your business reliability. 

2. Target your audience

Creating content for your business can be tricky.  It is imperative to know your target audience. For example, ads for teenagers and grandparents should and would be very different.  Once your target audience is known, create content depending on what would appeal to your audience. Whether it be a video, a blog, or a simple picture posted, all suffice.  Research your target audience and make sure your product/service exemplifies exactly what they are looking for! Regardless of the audience, every post should be enticing, colorful, and informative.  Here are some techniques marketers use when formulating a post: 

Sense Appeal:  Use images or sounds that appeal to the customer’s senses.

Testimonials and Endorsements:  Feature a celebrity or previous customer to endorse your product.

Humor:  The use of ads that will make customers laugh catching their attention.

Association: Use images that create the sentiment, (puppies, an American flag) to create good feelings about the post.

 3. Build Good Relationships

Likewise, when people are looking to buy a service or product, they commonly look online.  After finding a product or service they are interested in, customers typically look at reviews to affirm their purchase.  To ensure new and returning customers, make sure your site has good reviews from those who have already used or bought your product/service.

 Make it easy for your customers.  After purchases, have an automated or easy to access link forwarded to them where they can leave a review.  However, be aware that as a business you have to take the good with the bad. People are inclined to comment when they are extremely happy, yet also when they are mad. Thankfully, as a business, you are in control of your response. Demonstrate professionalism by responding properly to both good and bad reviews. 

         Make Marketing a Priority

It is time to stop overlooking marketing.  Business owners aren’t aware of how influential marketing can be. It can be a catalyst for your business: new customers, sales, and revenue.  It is important businesses start allocating funds towards marketing. Whether you are able to do so on your own or assistance is needed, REIL is always there to help.  Fill out our commitment free application to see if we can help you get the funds you need to market your business today. 


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