What is a Seasonal Business?

  • January 8, 2020
  • By Sarah Solomon

Seasonal businesses offer products and services that are primarily used during a specific time of year.  Although they are seasonal, many seasonal companies also stay open year-round. The majority of their income is received during their prime seasons.  This keeps them going throughout the year. It’s a seasonal business’s choice whether or not they are open year-round, or solely during their prime selling time.  For some business owners, they like the flexibility they receive during the off-season when not open. 

So, what is a seasonal business?  Is yours one of them? REIL is going to give you a few examples of seasonal businesses below! 

Lawn Care

Lawn care is definitely a seasonal business, such as landscapers.  Specifically, their off time is in areas where the winters are cold, like New York right now!  These companies survive by mowing lawns and trimming bushes during the late spring, summer, and early fall. They can attempt to perform other yard maintenance activities if asked, but they typically wait until the warmer seasons start up again. 

Snow Removal 

On the other hand, snow removal businesses thrive in the winter months while landscapers take time off.  Specifically in the North, snow removal can start occurring as early as April and as late as May. The one inconvenience for these companies is the inconsistency of snowfall.  Each year, a different amount of snow will fall making some winter months busier than others.  

So how do these companies survive off of a few months of business?  Many snow removal companies contract a seasonal price. For example, you would be contracted to pay a certain amount per year, regardless of the amount of snow that falls.  Additionally, sometimes landscapers and snow removal businesses combine their services to stay operating year-round!

Vacation Services 

Many vacation services are seasonal, depending on the final destination.  For example, ski resorts are mainly open during the winter months because snow and cold weather is necessary.  Whereas other vacation destinations actually peak during the summer and year-round. However, regardless of the weather, many vacation spots are still open during the off-seasons.  They take reservations and bookings and make enough for their business in a particular season to do so. Although the facilities may not be being used at certain times, people are always busy planning trips for the future! 

REIL Advice 

Seasonal businesses can definitely be and are most of the time successful.  It’s about budgeting your money carefully and really succeeding during your primary season.  If you and your seasonal business are in need of new equipment, reach out to REIL! If you need working capital to get you through the off-seasons, REIL is also here!  REIL representatives are huge advocates of seasonal businesses and would love to help in any way we can.  

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