Why Merchant Cash Advances?

Why Merchant Cash Advances?

  • November 20, 2018
  • By REIL Capital Admin

Merchant Cash Advances are a useful finance solution for small businesses that are seeking extra working capital. Why not go to a bank? Merchant Cash Advances are faster, simpler, and more convenient. Unlike bank loans which can take months to fund and require extensive paperwork, a merchant cash advance does not require collateral or a great credit score. Avoid the long and difficult application process of a bank and join the current trend.

At REIL Capital, to qualify for a merchant cash advance you need:

  • 6 months in business
  • A 400 minimum credit score
  • $8,000 in monthly revenue


How it Works

A merchant cash advance is an upfront sum of cash in exchange for a slice of a business’s future sales. REIL can usually forward a company 80-120% of their monthly revenue into a cash advance. The merchant cash advance is then repaid over a span of 4-18 months.

Merchant Cash Advance


MCA's are beneficial for companies in need of short-term capital. At REIL we provide funds to our clientele within 24-48 hours. Your need is urgent, so we make sure our solution is prompt. Our company prides itself on our family culture and style. Whomever you initially invest with is the sales representative that will work for you for the life of the deal. This method culminates a great employee clientele relationship.

Join the Trend

As of 2017, 7% of small employer firms in the US applied for a Fast MCA. Meanwhile, only 4% applied for factoring. Merchant cash advances are taking the industry by storm with fast and quick approvals. Business owners are enticed by the quickness, logistics, and immediate solution merchant cash advances provide. Get on board and apply for a MCA with REIL Capital today.

Learn More & Apply Now!

To learn more about MCA's, be sure to check out our merchant cash advance product page or apply now!

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